Manta One - The Electric Propulsion Engine

Manta One Azura Indonesia

Manta One is Azura Indonesia’s electric propulsion engine that replaces conventional 4-stroke petrol engines that are commonly used with Long Tail boats. The Manta One is powered through an electric motor, connected to an in-house designed Li-Ion battery. It can be operated for 3 hours at top speed (4-5 knots). The throttle is super responsive thanks to its instant high torque.

An Electric Propulsion Engine to support Sustainable Fishing and Free Fishing every day.

Manta One is completely silent, clean, sturdy, and maintenance-free!


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Manta One vs Conventional Petrol Engines

Daily running costs
Manta One 30%
Petrol Engine 100%

Manta one is able to reduce running costs over its lifespan by 70% from roughly IDR 55,000 to IDR 17,000. No daily petrol purchase, no more regular maintenance and servicing… 

Carbon Emission
Manta One 0% emission
Petrol Engine 100%

Manta one reduces carbon emissions during use by 100% if charged by green, renewable energy and up to 50% if charged with conventional gray electric sources. 

Life Expectancy
Manta One - 10 years
Petrol Engine - 5 years

The life expectancy of a conventional Petrol Engine is estimated on 4-5 years. Manta One has a life expectancy of 10 years.

Noise Level
Manta One 0% (Silent)
Petrol Engine 100%

Conventional Petrol Engines are noisy and make it almost impossible to communicate between boats and even between the fisherman IN the boat. Manta one is completely silent… 

Combining Manta One with Solar Panels

Azura Indonesia Solar Panels and Manta One

In regions where an electric power grid is unstable or even absent, we can help by combining Manta One with Solar Panels for charging. 

This will make sure the carbon reduction is maximised and enables Manta One to be used in the most remote locations.

Azura Indonesia - Manta One Charging Station