MantaOne : Redefining Affordable and Efficient Fishing

A new breakthrough in Indonesia’s coastal fishery. Achieve practical and affordable electric long-tail boat motors designed to cut fishing operational costs and provide zero-emission, safe and free fishing every day by purchasing MantaOne from Azura Indonesia.

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world bestowed with vast marine wealth. With a total coastline length of 61,500 miles, Indonesia still has the most potential locations for the fishing industry. Surely enough, Indonesia has at least two million coastal fishermen trying their luck above the waters every day.

Coastal fishermen usually use small boats, 5-7 meters long and equipped with light fishing gears. They go fishing as far as 2-3 nautical miles or around 3-5 kilometers from the coast, with varying results based on the season, weather, and more.

On paper, Indonesia’s strategic geographic location and the number of human resources should conclude that each fisherman has more than enough fish catch to go around. But unfortunately, the data shows that most of them are still struggling to make a living.

An average coastal fisherman in Indonesia operates one shift per day, and they need to spend at least 145 USD/month to meet their ends. This includes petrol and oil change on every trip to the sea. Currently, their catch hardly covers the expenses as their income is roughly around 164 USD/month, leaving them with only 19 USD/month. Most of the income is spent only to cover the operational cost. In theory, implementing today’s technological advancement would support sustainable fishing practices where the coastal fishermen can have lower-cost efficiency. It would improve their life’s quality and create a direct impact on the environment by decreasing their carbon footprint, saving mother earth one step at a time. That is exactly what Azura Indonesia has sought to bring to the table; by introducing Manta One.

What is Manta One?

Enter; Manta One, Azura Indonesia’s electricity-powered outboard boat motor designed for small fishing boats, specifically Long Tail boats that are common in southeast Asia. Manta One is electric-powered, has zero carbon emission, and is charged using solar panels, therefore making it one of the first electric propulsion engines that fully uses renewable energy.

How does Manta One work?

The MantaOne is powered through an electric motor, connected to an in-house designed Li-Ion battery. This enables instant torque, easy operation, and silent usage; even making it possible for the fishermen to communicate with each other while cruising in the boat.

Manta One’s design enables efficient energy usage and effortless recharge. It can be operated for 3 hours at top speed (4-5 knots). Manta One can also be recharged even in areas with limited or no access to the electricity power grid, by combining Manta One with Solar Panels for charging. Manta One’s battery takes only 1,5 hours to fully charge, and can simply be plugged in back to the electric motor for use. This way, carbon reduction is maximized and enables MantaOne to be used in the most remote locations.

Why Manta One is the best choice of boat engine for fishermen

Compared to conventional 4-stroke petrol engines, Manta One is able to reduce running costs over its lifespan by 70% from roughly IDR 55,000 to IDR 17,000; completely reducing the need for daily petrol purchase, regular maintenance, and servicing. 

Thanks to its electric engine, Manta One also completely reduces carbon emissions during use down to 0% if charged by green, renewable energy and up to 50% if charged with conventional gray electric sources.

Manta One also has a better life expectancy of 10 years, more than double compared to conventional petrol engines that are estimated to last about 4-5 years.

How to acquire Manta OneAzura Indonesia focuses on providing access for entry-level fishermen with small boats, around 3 gross tons (GT), while in normal measurements, standard boats measure from 10-20 gross tons. Fishermen can acquire their Manta One electric engine by renting for a week, a month, or purchase directly. Fishermen can also use Azura Indonesia’s solar-powered battery charger. All in all, we want MantaOne to be as accessible as it can be to the fishermen.

Manta One: A hope for Indonesia’s coastal fishermen community

Implementing sustainable fishing practices while minimizing carbon footprint and maximizing renewable energy usage seems like a long stretch. However,  with proper sustainable fisheries management combined with the right green technology that Azura Indonesia provides, Indonesia’s coastal community will soon be able to thrive and achieve a better ecosystem for mother earth. Support Azura Indonesia’s cause for better coastal fishing by adopting a Manta One or keep up with our development through our website at


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