How Electric Boat Engine works better than Petrol Engine: Testing MantaOne in Lampung (Sumatera Island)

Join Azura Indonesia on a journey to introduce Manta One electric outboard boat engine in Margasari, Lampung, and test its advantages over the petrol engine.

The word ‘engine’ is still highly associated with petrol, and it is no different in the fishing industry. Petrol-powered outboard engines are still highly relied on among the coastal fishermen in Indonesia; even though it has a high operational cost compared to the profit gained by going fishing. 

However, fishermen across Indonesia do not need to rely just on petrol-powered engines to go fishing. Our technological advancement has enabled sustainable, green energy electric engines to be available as a better option instead of petrol. Azura Indonesia steps in with a solution in hand; Manta One

Manta One is Azura Indonesia’s electricity-powered outboard boat motor with zero need for petrol and is capable of being charged using solar panels. Designed for small fishing boats, Manta One is one of the first electric propulsion engines that fully uses renewable energy in Indonesia. Manta One has been successfully tested on long-tail boats or ‘ketinting’ boats; common in Southeast Asia. Now, it is trying to take a new leap by testing Manta One’s performance on different boats.

The challenge for electric boat engine

The biggest challenge for electric engines is to introduce and provide public access to increase adoption and usage. The simplest way to promote electric-powered boat engine usage is by showing how practical and powerful the engines are.

That’s why Azura Indonesia is on a mission to introduce Manta One to different islands across Indonesia. Nadea Nabilla, the founder of Azura Indonesia and an awardee of Leadership for Climate Resilient Fisheries Fellow, is testing her Manta One electric outboard motor in Margasari village, on the east coast of Lampung. She has been working closely with Miswan, head of Blue Swimming Crab (BSC) fisher forum of Lampung Province, to get the electric outboard motor tested.  

One of the aims of this trial is to get input and user experience from the fishers in Lampung when using an electric outboard motor as an option for using green energy to tackle climate change and maximize profit through reducing fishers’ cost on gas.

Field testing the Manta One electric outboard boat engine

The team was greeted with warmth upon arriving in Margasari village, Lampung. Miswan; the head of Blue Swimming Crab fisher forum of Lampung Province along with the members, was already excited to test out the Manta One electric propulsion engine.

Without any further do, the team got into it right away. Installation went off without a hitch and the fishermen were pleased to learn more about the electric propulsion engines.

The electric outboard motor Manta one was tested for the first time using a wooden boat in Lampung. During its first trial, the electric motor reaches the maximum speed of 5 knots on the 5 GT wooden boat with 9 passengers on board.

The fishermen noticed better control of their boat. Ignition was simple as a press of a button, Compared to petrol engine’s pull starter. The fishermen were also able to tinker around with Manta One’s torque control, noticeably far more responsive due to it not having to rely on combustion.

Overall, the test proves that Manta One electric boat engine is able to give more advantages over petrol engine. Manta One provides better longevity and promises a greater future on sustainable coastal fishing with zero-emission and all renewable energy. The experience at Margasari, Lampung was a fruitful experience for all, especially to Nadea. She hopes to extend the trial to the BSC fisher group members in the future.


Educating and enabling the masses with green technology proves to be the best way to give a positive impact on communities around Indonesia, and Azura Indonesia is no different. Azura has sought a better, sustainable fisheries management that benefits fishermen and saves the ecosystem from waste and carbon footprint. Azura Indonesia’s Manta One has proven its capabilities to take new strides on Indonesia’s coastal fishing community.


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