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Azura Indonesia: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Azura Indonesia, which used to be called Azura Marine Indonesia, is an Indonesian techno-social company that specialized in shipbuilding that focuses on making environmentally friendly watercraft. This is why Azura Indonesia is so important to Nadea Nabilla Puteri, the founder of the company. Her care about the ocean and the preservation of the natural world is the important reason why Azura Indonesia is established. The company is based in Indonesia, which is a country that has tons of fishermen. Besides the technology and business development, Azura Indonesia is also committed to caring about the well-being of Indonesian fishermen through their company vision and missions.

When Nadea and her team start working together in 2019, Azura Indonesia is expected to be able to do more than just help people. As far back as the early 2020s, Azura Indonesia started to make its way into the business world. As a first step, they launched MantaOne, Azura Indonesia’s new flagship product, which you can now buy. One of the goals of MantaOne is that it can help people who are having problems with energy efficiency and effectiveness, which can have an impact on the environment’s security and sustainability. The specs for MantaOne are thought to be able to cut costs while also minimizing negative environmental effects.

Azura Indonesia has been recognized both at home and around the world for its unwavering dedication. At a young age, Azura Indonesia has been a top 10 finalist in Climate Launchpad 2020, 3rd place in the Archipelagic & Island States Innovation Challenge, and a top 10 finalist in Tech Planter Indonesia 2020. It also won the Mitsubishi Electric Award for Tech Plan Demo Day in Indonesia 2020, the Rise Inc. 8 Accelerator, and the top 10 She Loves Tech Indonesia 2020. As long as Azura Indonesia is around, it will keep up with its goals and vision for the community and the environment. This way, the company’s existence will benefit the community, not just in terms of economic growth, but also in terms of the community’s social well-being and the environment.


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