About Azura Indonesia

Azura Indonesia is a Social Enterprise that aims to deliver a solution for the coastal community and mother earth with green technologies, so our planet can breathe a little bit longer.

Our latest product is MantaOne, the evolutionary electric long tail. MantaOne replaces the conventional 4-stroke engines used to power “longtail” boat propulsion shafts; a type of propulsion particularly popular in South East Asia. By using MantaOne, the user will offset up to 60% of its operational cost as well as reducing up to 345kg of carbon footprint per month.

Awards & Recognitions

The AIS Business Acceleration 2023 seeks to facilitate innovators to deploy technology and innovative solutions to enhance climate adaptation and resilience across different sectors and levels in AIS’s countries. The ambition and expected outcome from this AIS Business Acceleration is to create a commercially viable business model that can be deploy and implemented in one or more AIS participating countries, with a pilot project goals that to implement innovations that are transferable, replicable, and scalable that can be sustained and contribute directly to the achievement of AIS goals.

The winners were picked by the AIS team with a panel of judges from qualifications based on some assessment criteria. From a total up to 30 start-ups with many innovative ideas proposed, selected a total of four winners.


Audi talents take their ideas to One Young World

Audi supports forward thinkers: The Audi delegates and scholarship recipients, who are all between 21 and 35 years old, have already launched promising projects. Some ideas that originated at One Young World are already inspiring further projects. 

The One Young World Summit 2022 in Manchester gives young visionaries and their ideas a stage. This year’s conference will focus on conflict prevention, gender justice, ocean ecosystems, ethical leadership, and health. More than 2,000 participants from over 190 countries are expected to attend, among them high-ranking guests from the world of politics and science, such as former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


The grants are administered through SOA’s Ocean Leadership Microgrants program based on partnership between SOA and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). The virtual program provides Fellows a holistic understanding of principles and approaches for building climate resilience through sustainable fisheries management, coupled with extensive leadership training and skills development.

2020 Indonesia Grassroots Accelerator

WEA identifies Indonesian women leaders who are protecting their communities and ecosystems from environmental and climate threats like palm oil extraction, plastic pollution, and sea-level rise. 

Top 10 Finalist of Climate Launchpad Indonesia Cohort 2020

3rd Place,Archipelagic & Island States Innovation Challenge 2020, over 150 proposals from 6 countries

Top 10 Finalist Tech Planter Indonesia 2020

Special award from Mitsubishi Electric Japan during Tech Planter Indonesia Demo Day 2020

Part of Rise Inc 8 Accelerator 2020 Program by Interstellar For Social Enterprises

Top 10 Finalist She Loves Tech Indonesia 2020

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